The mountain of Pelion is located in the Eastern Central Greece, in the prefecture of Magnesia, at the foot of which lies the city of Volos, the capital of the prefecture. The entire mountain is totally covered by forests with very tall beeches, oaks, plane trees, wild chestnut trees and apple trees and on the eastern slope of the mountain there are olive trees.

Pelion attracts a great number of visitors during winter and summer months. It offers visitors water and winter ski, hiking, bike riding, road trips and summer water sports across the beaches of the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf, which are famous for their crystal-clear waters, while many beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag by the European Union.

The mountain is beautiful throughout all months of the year and has the appropriate infrastructure to host a large number of tourists.

During the whole year, various festivals and events take place, where many local products, such as spoon sweets, noodles, frumenty, tsipouro, honey and basil paste, are sold by the Women’s Association of the region.

The tourist can visit many churches and monasteries that are places of devoutness and worship spread all over the region of Pelion.

Through the road network, the visitor is given the possibility to have access to 70 beautiful and picturesque villages of Pelion.

It is the ideal destination for holidays, relaxation, adventure and excitement…